Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The new American axis and the expected war in the middle east

Mustafa Hamido

Washington is supporting the "Arab Moderate" countries to fight Iran as they did in early Eighties when the supported Saddam Hussein against Iran.This supporting will lead to a tragedy in this region. Those " The Arab Moderate Countries" have not any public support ( In contrast of Wahabism and Fundemental movements which are worried from Shiites). We have been living in wars from the end of 1940's and if we count the number of wars which this region had implicated in , we will get a result that in every 10 years we had a major regional war. We want to live in peace . the American steps in this region,however, are going to destroy all the benefits which are gained from the high oil prices and the hopes of the region's people to live in a better conditions.


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