Saturday, 13 January 2007

Bush and Hitler: A logical comparison

Mustafa Hamido

Please, compare between Bush and his gang and Hitler, what you will find? Hitler was ready to invade the world and he tried by invading the western Europe and tying to invade the soviet union. Hitler was considered as the an enemy of the humanity who killed, massacred and tried to undo nations from the map. It was a critical years. The world found itself facing a real challenge. Unfortunately, the countries which faced Hitler were colonial nations.  This fact lead a a colonial thinking when they faced Hitler. They split the world into zones of interests where each colonial nation tried to consolidate its power into its given zone. Bush , as Hitler try to invade the world by military bases spread all over the world. These bases is giving the United States an effective tool to put a pressure on the governments and try to fulfil its policy all over the world. Would Bush continue in his way or he will be stopped.



  1. Mmmm
    كيف الك خلق تدون و لسا في حجب
    احيي صمودك


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