Friday, 15 December 2006

Prostitutes: behind the killing scene

Aleppous Exclusive
Mustafa Hamido


We have to go behind the scene of killing which has appeared in Ipswich Town in England this week. If we go deeper in their stories(prostitutes) and the reasons which turned them from normal girls to those who are payed for sex, we will be so sad from their awful stories. I red a lot of English newspapers and the comment of their parents on their killing and I was so sad from what I heard. Drugs was the common cause of their turn into prostitutes. We must go after those who are killing the community by their poisons and expel their trade from playing by our destiny. We should-to stop them-abolish the drug use to -at least- make those who can’t afford the high price of the drugs to get it easily and later stop those trader from trading in our life.


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