Wednesday, 6 December 2006

No role and hope for Saudi Arabia in Iraq

Mustafa HamidoExclusive

Saudi Arabia still trying to find a foot step in Iraq. The big Question is : Could it find an ally in Iraq? We can easily answer this question if we know that it will depenend on The Sunni's in any future interfering in the Iraq's Crisis. Saudi arabia played the main role in the colapsing of the Saddam's Regime by the Supporting of the American Invasion of Iraq. Saddam's Regime, Although its Secularity, was considered as a sunni's regime. saudi found itself naked after the Collapsing of the Iraqi's regime. It was thinking that after its collapsing , it will depend on some of its allies in Iraq which has supported them when they were in the opposition to tkae the power in Iraq. What it planned for has failed. Sunni's can't forgive Saudi for its role in destroying Iraq. Its role in Iraq will be stoped by Sunni's which it harmed and still harming .