Sunday, 17 December 2006

More conflicts are expected in Palestine

Aleppous Report Exclusive

Two hot spots have been formed in last two years in the middle east. Palestinian territory and Lebanon. We all know the details of Lebanon crisis which is backed by the sectarian rule which ruled the country. however, although the cohesion of the Palestinian society, we can notice clearly the gap which effect on its solidarity. We can apparent the gap by an over view on the system of rule which direct the occupied lands.The president- which is backed by US- and the prime minister who believe in resistance and reject all invites to accept Israel and its territory on 1948 lands. This gap will develop if the president insists to fight against the resistance groups. US which is implicated in Arafat assassination can't accept such this deal which can allow the resistance groups to continue its project to free the lands and expel Israel forces out of it. The problem is that those Arabs which classify themselves as moderates backs the US policy in the middle east.If such this back have continued ,we would see more conflicts in the coming days


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