Saturday, 9 December 2006

Kurds, The new loser in the middle east

Mustafa Hamido

After Peaker report about Iraq, a lot of changes will take place along middle east. The main change ,from my point of view, is in the Kurdish situation. As all historical changes , Kurds will be the big loser from the american new policy in the region. We can argue that they will be the cost which be payed from the American to those who needs their help to cool down the insurgency in Iraq.We have three main partners for America if it needs to be help . Turkey, Iran and Syria. All these countries has kurdish minorities Varies from miliions in Turkey to hundred of thousands in Syria. The cost which will America pay is a limitaion of the Kurds ambition in establishing an independent state . This limitation will be too costly for the Kurdish national movement which have prepared itself for the national state.Kurds will be the losers as they were across centuries.


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