Thursday, 16 November 2006

O.k Wait the end

Thursday, November 16, 2006
Mustafa Hamido

Despite all what we see, we can say easily that it is almost the end of American ambitions in the Middle East. America and during decades was a symbol of democracy and human rights. When that symbol becomes a tool of invading and occupying independent countries, America has been transferred to a colonial and imperial power. All its manners become valueless. When you talk with any one in the Middle East you will get a conclusion of respect less and hatefulness of America. It is the fact which America used to ask about its reason. Lebanon may be the last filed of America in The Middle East. It tries to seize this small state backing from allies (Hariri, Junmblat…) of its ally (Saudi Arabia) fulfill its model which it failed to do in Iraq. If we take a look on Iraq, We will see how much America was stupid when it used the allies of Iran to rule that country. The opposite it did in Lebanon by using the Sunni's Extremists which are the allies of Wahabism in Saudi to defeat Hezbollah, The Iran's favorite ally in the Middle East. Some thing very strange is what America is doing. It has not a firm strategy or even a goal. Its pragmatic goal is the smell of oil which can't be a persuasion goal without a real argument. In 2001, America had a good argument to market it as a reason of Afghanistan Invasion. That invasion hadn't faced by protests. Sepemper/11 was still in minds. Thousands who died in that morning had been used to promote the morality of that invasion. America lacked that advantage in the prepating period if Iraq's invasion. The same faults America is doing nowadays and we will all wait to see what will happen.


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