Friday, 3 November 2006

A step forward, A lot backward

Mustafa Hamido

The decision of closing Cham Satellite channel last week is totally wrong. Syria , since 2003, is facing a kind of a cold war where media is used and propagate for the enemy. Since that time , we failed in finding a tool to defend ourselves by using our traditional media tools. We can't forget Al-arabiya news channel which is used last year to inform the world that Khadam has become anti-Syria and its meeting .We were disable to do anything. We were happy and we informed that a Syrian New channel was preparing to broadcast as soon as it can. That was a kind of celebrity for me at least. I wait till the begiingof Ramadan when I watch its broadcasting lacking the political sense which it promised that it will enrich it after Ramadan. The Surprise was at the same day of its first news bulletin. It is closed. This is the most bad news which I heard in last two months. I searched for my question, Why?, however I did't find any real and logical answer. It is a fault to close what most of Syrians believe that it is a kind of hope in the future.