Sunday, 22 October 2006

The secularism and Islam

Mustafa Hamido

I believe in God But I have a lot of questions which need a serious answers. In Quran , Our god is telling us that those who are killing and stealing will be accounted by god once upon a day. When you ask who can understand the quran very well, when that will happen,some tell you that some people are accounted during their lifes and others after their died. If we apply that on the political life we can see clearly that only a few of politicians are accounted during their lifes and we can see that some who are betraying their nations and religion are on the top of our nations and we can see any sign that their god mya acciunt them. Some "Sheiks" give them a license to do all they need and they want with out any limits. For example , Invading Iraq in 2003 was not face by any declare from those that this is not pernited and all the nation have to face it and fight aginst invaders. Only those who are accused that they are terrorists declare that. We can’t accept a ot of their views, However , they were the only side who alloud their voices. We need the religion to be far from the policy, however , our rulers can’t accept that. They are using the religion to take what they want , whnever they want . I bekive in secularism and I think it is the only way that can treat all our problems. The Religion when it is given its freedom of thinking will give us a good example of its purity.


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