Monday, 2 October 2006

The moderate axes

Monday, October 02, 2006

The American secretary office is coming to th middle east to support the American allies against the extremist regimes and resistance groups, American allies are classified by western media as moderate while those who oppose its planes to divide the middle east in sectarian territories are classified as extremists. Syria which is classified as extremist has its own occupied lands. These lands are occupied by Israel which is refusing to withdraw from it. Olmert has said that The Syrian Land will not be given back to Syria in his era and adds that it is a part of Israel. I don't know what America will do if Hawaii is invaded by any foreign troops but I am sure that it will fight and destroy who only thing in doing such this step. Syria also has the right to fight or even to support who are fighting to get back their lands. The moderate axes which is forming now a days in the middle east is the axes of those who sold their honor in place of their power. Some may ask, Jordan has held a peace agreement with Israel and its lands had gotten back with out blood smells and destroyed cities?!

I shall say in such case that Jordan had never gotten back its lands. What it did is just a fabricated getting. Jordan , and as a part of the peace agreement has rented its lands to Israel for 99 years and that is exactly what Israel needs from Syria.



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