Sunday, 3 September 2006

Under siege

Under siege!!
Monday, September 04, 2006

Some ones accuse Syria that they put Lebanon under siege. It  is a joke. Israel which siege the Lebanese coasts and its space in coalition with Jordanian intelligence is innocent from this accuse. In Lebanon there is an Israeli's team. It was so right what Dr.Bashar Al-Assad has declared about this issue. Before the Lebanese civilian war, some of Lebanese was naming the Syrian Currency (Sharmotaa). This is a fact. Look in the history and you will understand the present. Please search in the history of Lebanon's formation and you will know how the colonial powers had shared in its formation and how some of Syrian parts had been taken from Syria and given to Lebanon to form the great Lebanon. It was a step to give the new formed nation its legitimacy .This is a fact and any one try to deny it is denying the history facts. If I am in place of Dr.Bashar, I will close the borders with Lebanon as soon as possible to permit them to live under the darkness which they prefer instead of Syrian light.  


  1. Aleppous - as much as I do respect your opinion, I do not think you're right! Just think ... you would do THAT to people who were just brutally attacked, had their country destroyed and need every help they can possible get?
    EVEN there are folks in Lebanon who are still feeling hatred toward Syria - do you REALLY think by MORE brutal action and hatred you could convince them you're right???

    Aleppous, dear friend - WAKE UP - only LOVE can eradicate hatred and NOT another load of hatred!!! The Syrian people did a fantastic job and I HIGHLY respect them for that - they instantly understood, as one, how to relate to the almost onee million refugees ... THAT was the right thing to do and certainly helped MANY Lebanese to change their minds about Syria and the people. Had they encountered the opposite - it would have made the whole situation EVEN worse and the humanitarian catastrophy beyond description!

    NEVER counteract hatred with MORE hatred - ALWAYS with goodness or love! It may not work the first or second time -- but I guarantee you - ULTIMATELY IT WILL! That's the ONLY way - there is NO other way!!


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