Monday, 25 September 2006

New Syrian Daily Newspaper


It is the first private daily syrian newspaper since 1963.Its nae is "Baladna" which means Our Home. a lot of disadvantages have sparkled during its first editions. The main disadvatntage is the lacking of opinion pages. It is totally depends on the photos and using it widely through  its pages. We can easily compare it to a lebanes news paper which has almost the same name"Sada Albalad". It has the same logo and the same website and the same directing and ofcourse the same owner.  The point which has surprised me is the editing line in the Lebanese newspaper  is totally against Syria despite it has the same owner . I don't know who gave the permsiision for this newspaper to be published in Syria . I think that the government must know  That it is attacked by the same paper in Lebanon . 

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  1. Hello man, i have been reading some of the stuff in Baladnaa, especially the cartoons and Karikatures(i´m studying arabic). The paper has certainly a different identity than the other syrian newspapers and dailies.

    But is it popular and famous amongs syrians?