Sunday, 17 September 2006

It is an Attack


As other attacks. we will forget it as soon as we can. We are the people who can't save there emblems and slagons.We had forgetten a lot of thing and we will soon forget the pop attack. Who could say that  we must expell Vatican embassies from our lands.Wait please, they will accuse us that we are savage and not enough civilized . I don't hat any one. Please , Ask Karin a friend from Germany. She in contrast to its citizens understands Islam very well. We are not terrorists and we will not be. We only need to live in peace with out any interaction in our internal issues.

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  1. Hi Michelle Malkin,

    I absolutely agree with you concerning the Italian nun, who was murdered by "armed gunmen", regardless if they were Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists or God knows what! Whoever did that is, and here I agree with you as well, is an animal, a coward and an absolute barbarian - let there be NO doubt!
    Can I please reason with you as civilised person? Without frenzies of hatred? I would really appreciate that!
    What these people did is a heinous crime - not more and not less! It is inhuman and TOTALLY unacceptable by ANY standards and thus to be condemmed!

    I DO UTTELY CONDEM AS WELL the statements of Sheikh Abubukar Hassan Malin who totally distorts the message of REAL Islam - only GOD knows why he does that - it is absolutely WRONG and has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with REAL Islam! He does the worst possible service to a religion which, in it's origin, DOES call for peace, reconsiliation, justice and dialogue! The countless interpretations which are out there areDISTORTIONS - and NOT the islam I do love very much!

    Look Michelle - I would never in my life even THINK of defending a religion that ardently were I not 110% sure of it's message! I am a very very peaceloving person, am DEAD-against any form of violence and terrorism! You will say now .. "but - what is happening is nothing else BUT violence and terrorism" and I can't blame you - you're right!
    Please rest assured, Islam per se, the REAL Islam - is TOTALLY different and it is HIGH TIME for the entire Muslim world-community to start sort of a "renaissance" to get the REAL message back out and set an end to these terrible, war-mongering, bloodthirsty totally wrong interpretations!

    I want to say as well a word about the Pope:
    I do think it was a GRAVE mistake to use this quote from 1391, initially used by a NOT-VERY-SMART emperor against a Persian scholar. The pope, a HIGHLY intelligent man - especially in his position as head of the Roman Catholic Church, should have known what it would most certainly trigger! The rift between our cultures are big enough - we don't have to widen them even more - besides, it is NOT a smart idea to pour gasoline is the fire!

    I don't accuse him of thinking badly about Islam - I want to believe he does understand the difference between the REAL THING - and these terrible "offsprings", but I accuse him of not having chosen in a MUCH wiser way any quote which would NOT lighten a fuse and inevitably lead to a nightmare all over again!

    Can you understand the way I think?
    I think we can discuss in a civilised way and do NOT have to descent to insults and insensitivities ... right? At least I am by NO means willing to descend to such!
    Would be nice to hear from you! Have a good day!

  2. Aleppous ... thanks so much for your kind words!! :)

  3. What do you think Hugo looks like. Go on and send me an email.


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