Monday, 28 August 2006

Who am I?

Monday, August 28, 2006

I know that a lot of persons want to ask me, with whom you are? Are you a terrorist or even an extremist? Your words are full of violence and hate. Is it like this? I don't think so. My region had occupied for decades. My country has divided into small or even tinny territories (and they want know to divide it into sectarian and ethnical territories). I am monitoring The US troops killing people and threating that it will do things which you and I can't imagine. What happened in Lebanon in last few weeks prove that. Some information tells that American forces have involved in this war and rocket Beirut. This is who am I please think and comment.(fares , please don't write your hatefulness comments).


  1. And do u not syrians lying in poverty?
    do u not see sectarianism in the syrian society, do u not see dictatorship, opression, arrests, torture.
    Do u not know Prof. Aaref Dalileh, considered one of the most important economic figures in the middle east rotting in jail cell, suffocatiing with heart problems, I know, cuz he's my uncle.
    do u not see 40 years of systemized ignorance, and brirbery, failed economy..
    this is what the "Nationalist" movements have done, this is the trace of Nasser
    it all started on that evil day in 1958... the glorious union. that turned syria from a founder country in the WTO to begger at doors, from a country thriving with all kinds of political currents to a one party rule.. and ur precious Assad only built on that, and gave his son, a solid, iron and blood ruled regime..
    do u not see that?
    if u dont, u should head off to some eye clinic.
    Read some history my friend, read some real history, not the stupid papers they give u in school.
    if u wanna know about the french colonization of Syria, read what Khaled al-Azm, what Quwatli, Atassi, had to say not what a rotten regime teaches u, these were the men of independence, the men who fought for freedom but only alongside democracy.
    Read about Atassi, the only Arab President to resign from office because he refused to be a puppet president for a military coup.

  2. And how the hell are we 'Arabs' reacting??
    People should not cry out their misery nor should they beg others for 'justice'..
    People should earn their happiness.
    Get out of the box dude, this is not the goods against the evils, this is machiavellianism against humanitarianism.

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  4. Excellent Comment Yazan, I would be happy to publish this comment if you want me too (need to be edited a bit but it would great). I sincerely hope that Aaref is out of jail soon.

    Aleppous no need for me to answer you, Shadi and Yazan and all the other smart Syrian kids will do it. I am not a lonely voice like you think. We are the future wether you like it or not

    Meanwhile the regime is Sinking to New lows

  5. bismillah
    assalamu ala al muslimeen

    it started with the UAR?? Excuse me, but what books have you been reading? Before Nasser the dog, the US was experimenting with Syria until it went out of control and coups followed coups. Don't tell me that it started with the union of Syria and Egypt, the problem was long before. As far as I'm concerened, the problem started ever since the Arab revolution when Sherif Hussain decided to join the British against the Ottomans and dragged with him the rest of the Arabs for a lie the filthy agent Lawrence threw at us. It was THEN that we were divided. It was THEN that we were colonised and it was THEN that we became several countries ruled by dictators and tyrants who do nothing but stagnate the entire population. Don't even start telling me about how horrible the Ottomans were to the Arabs in the last few years. I already know that but what I also do know that it was never as bad as it became after their fall and in the very least, there was hope of reforming the Caliphate especially under the last sultan Abdul Hamid II who worked very hard to bring things back together.

    And when exactly was Syria "a country thriving with all kinds of political currents"? You must be talking about the period where every other day a new ruler forces himself on the people. I agree, several parties indeed.

    What?? machiavellianism against humanitarianism??? You sound like some guy who read a "philosophy for dummies" book and now he thinks of himself to be a scholar. I can make my peace with machiavellianism only that's called Capitalism in my book, but 'humanitarianism'? What's humanitarianism? shows how much you understand machiavelli in the first place. so who's the humanitarianist in this war according to you? looking at the field, I see no seculars except the US and its allies and I take it, since you're a buddy of Yazan, your "humanitarian" wont be the only other front fighting the tyrants in our lands and the invadors (the so-called "Islamists"). So who's the good guys in your game? a couple of guys who turned secular in some god-know-where? Arab secularists really amaze me. you people have hope built on nothing. The Palestinians proved they don't want it by voting in Hamas. The Egyptians proved they don't want it by always voting members of the Ikhwaan. The Turks always prove they don't want it by voting in the Islamic Justice and Development party. You people seem to be living in your own little room thinking that the whole world is cheering you on. subhaan Allah. no matter, al nasseru attin wallaahu ma3ana. li naraa maan yansurakum min doonillah.