Friday, 18 August 2006

What they really need??

What they really need??
Friday, August 18, 2006

I want to ask a simple question, what the west really needs from us. Is it really a matter of oil? Maybe, however when they invade our lands during the colonial era the oil issue wasn't a serious problem. In the unconscious of the west there is a need to prove that they are civilized and we are barbarians. During more than 5 centuries a lot of European countries had com to our lands and tried to occupy it (Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, Italians …….) in history books we studied in schools the taught us that they were looking to control the ancient trade routes but can we say that it is a commercial conflict?


  1. Grow up and start realizing that the world changes every century. Specially if you are living abroad as you say.

    If you want to think and live like a 100 years ago, then make sure you lock your mouth and shut off this blog, then go somewhere where you don't read anynews so you can live in Peace.

  2. Now I'm confused ... WHICH land, Mustafa, are you taking about? Syria? Why do you think anyone wants to occupy Syria? Lebanon? OCCUPY Lebanon? Who? Israel? NO WAY! US of A? Nope! Who else?

    And .. I always thought you DO LIVE in Syria ... was I maybe mistaken? (I never read that though but am refering to Fares' remark ...)

    I guess you should (please) explain what you exactly mean ...

  3. bismillah
    assalamu ala al Muslimeen
    Fares, you put your foot in your mouth yet again. Although I do think Mustafah's analysis is certainly wrong, your reply shows nothing but ignorance.

    Mustafah, the West could not care any less about what other people think. It's not about showing the East that they are more civilised, that is wrong. Western colonialism has ALWAYS been for controling resources and positions (whether for trade, military or other reasons). This is basically Capitalism at work. Colonialism came along with the renaissance and soon after the reformation. All occuring within the 14th/15th century. it is when Capitalism as an ideology gradually took over European politics and replaced the church. ALL the European politics is based on wars and threats and this is for one and only one reason, and that is to gain more profit (in whatever form).

    Karin, for the past couple of years the US and most of Europe have been whignning wanting Syria to get its troops out of Lebanon. Not even a year after the Syrian army leaves Israel goes in. Do you think that was an accident or is not related? It'd be very naive to think so. The West occupied Iraq, and we all know Syria and Iran are in their list. Lebanon was just a stepping stone where Israel was suppose to help the West's "war on terror". Lebanon has always been the gateway to Syria. Take Lebanon and you can cut Syria in half in a matter of minutes. Go from Israel straight into Syria, then you'll have to fight the whole Syrian army from the bottom up. Go through weak Lebanon and then into Syria, you could divide Syria in two. Israel tried to use this tactic before during the Lebanese civil war but failed. Do they want to occupy Lebanon? yes. Why? To take Syria easily, thus they DO want to take Syria and we already knew that even before the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Iran would certainly be next. Now that Israel failed misrably, two things might happen. Either the US and Europe will send their armies into Lebanon to help Israel or Israel will retreat and the US will go directly to Iran and "cut the head of the snake" first and then turn to Syria.

    Why? Because the West realised that the Muslim world wants Islam and not democracy. Palestinians vote Hamas in their election. In Egypt the Ikhwaan always wins in the Egyptian pointless elections. In Turkey the Islamic party always wins (but they can never do anything anyway because the army controls the country). This is the case in the Muslim world. However much the west tries to fund democratic parties and force coups here and there, they were never able to force the Muslims to believe in democracy except for a minority of gullible fools. Thus, due to the inevetiblity of the return of Islamic rule and the fall of the dictators and tyrants that the west placed to rule the Muslims, the West has no choice but to turn the middle east and the Muslim world into an area of civil war, starvation and instability. This way, if the Muslim world does establish the inevetible Caliphate (and it will), it will be too weak to pose any threat. This, however, is only a dream for the West. They will never succeed and even if they turn the whole middle-east into a sea of blood they will never stop the Caliphate from coming and they wil never stop it from being a great light, no, a greater light in this dark world than it ever was in the past.


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