Wednesday, 9 August 2006

It is a bazaar

It is a bazaar
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It is a bazaar and every one is trying to get the bigger piece of the cake with the least price he could. France wants to return to the Middle East from the Lebanese gat. It is only a foot step to spread in its colonial lands which includes Syria also. Look at the another side of the Arab lands. France has tried a lot with Algeria to sign a friendship aggrement. It failed. It was a try to return to its colonial memory which includes massacre, stealing……France refused to say sorry for those whom their relatives have been killed in Algeria during the independence war. More than one million has killed during that war. As Israel, France built special towns and suburbs for French and stole the fertile lands from its native owners and gave it to French. It was a kind of racism it followed during its colonial era. It is talking about friendship now. I want to laugh but I can't. It is shamefulness policy franc is followed. Now, It is planning to return to Lebanon and after that Syria to divide it as it did in the 20's and 30's with a betrayal help from Syrian politicians.

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  1. No Mustafa, I can't agree to that! I am sure France is smart enough NOT to do so, even more - that they have NO intention whatsoever to even THINK of engaging in that!
    What needs to be dealt with is not what COULD be in someone's weird mind but what IS, not dig in the past: Lebanon is destroyed, people are made refugees and scattered! They need help, a LOT of help even! Are there lots of refugees in Aleppo? Do you do YOUR share of helping? I feel EVERYBODY has to pitch in, men and women!
    Again .. I totally disagree with this article you mentioned here!

  2. I respect your disagreement however we still have remains from the colonial period of france in syria and in the middle east.We as syrians still remember how French had divide syria into small sectarian states before the people revoluted and united what he could unite. You know the lebanon which i hit know adays was a part from great syria even if we accept Lebanon as an independent country and i ofcourse accept it i can't forget the french rule in syrian division and how it gave the syrian north west part to turkey(I Respect Turkey and ask for more ties with it)

  3. I do understand your sentiments Mustafa! It is not long ago that Syria was a French colony .. I read about it! I can not imagine though, they even THINK of doing anything in this direction again!
    I know Lebanon was part of greater Syria, like Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Sinai and south-east Turkey - and Cyprus, called as well the "fertile crescent". It is an ideology of former rulers ... but doesn't have a lot in common with reality on the ground, the reality we nowadays have to deal with.
    Having said all that - I want to emphazise again I DO understand your feelings - after all you celebrate the Syrian Independence day every year on April 17th, right?
    Can you tell me a bit what's going on in Aleppo? Are there as many Lebanese refugees as at other places? Are you helping as well?
    Take care!!

  4. lebanese are a part of cousin's wife is lebanese and alot of our relatives are though.yes,syria has welcomed those who we are sharing them in destiny and histiry. it is very important to understand how such a relation is deep . Infact it is prfoundede in our unconcious feeling. I don't know how i can express such a relation. Sharing our homes , supporting those who need exnesive care.... are only examples of how the syrians are dealing with Lebanese. I think you follwed what happened last year when syrian troopes had pulled out Lebanon and how a part of lebanese has attaked syria and accused it as the evil in this region. I think that you also how syrian labour had been killed in lebanon. their only accsation were they are syrians. We as syrians are forgivable people , Forgive and support our brothers and help them. Syria now is providing lebanon with electricity. what iam mentioning is a sample of the real love and support of syrian people to their brothers.

  5. I know exactly what you're saying Mustafa .. and to THAT I agree - Syrians are truly wonderful people and behaving in a way which should be an example to everybody!!
    What I did NOT know though is that Syria does supply Lebanon with electricity .. nobody ever mentioned that around here, at least to the best of my knowledge.
    You know ... I have my very own philosophy which I pointed out clearly in my "Profile": I treat others the way I want to be treated myself in a situation of need - I guess that pretty much sums it up! I think with the way Syria relates not to the Lebanese people, it captured MANY hearts worldwide ... it is JUST the way I feel it SHOULD be!
    You can be proud to Syrian ... I HIGHLY respect your people!!