Wednesday, 9 August 2006

أكرهك فارس

أكرهك فارس
‏الاربعاء‏، 09‏ آب‏، 2006

لا أعرف عن هذا الانسان شيئا. قفز فجاة أمامي بمقالاته التي تزعجني. اكرهه. طريقته في الكتابة لا تعجبني. انه مثل البوم الذي يبشر بالخراب. لا شيء يعجبه. يريد أن يغير النظام في سورية بل يريد ان يغير سورية كلها يشكل يجعلها تروق له ليتكرم علينا و يتواضع عائدا اليها من منفاه الأمريكي!!أرجوك أهجر الكتابة لأنها على ما يبدو تجعلك تظن نفسك أكبر مما هو واقعها. أكرهك...ها ها ها هااااااااااااااااا.


  1. Labeik Shebeik 3abdak ben idayk.

    I am defending Syria from Zionists and Neocons conspiracies "Al mouamarate Al SSihyounia".

    I understand if your english is bad and you can't understand what I am writing. But I have the support of all Syrians, check my blog.

    If you love Syria then you can't hate me because I and the other liberals are the future of Syria.

    Now sweet dreams and stop hating someone peaceful like me and focus on Israel

  2. One more is you who does not like anything and calls Saudi, French, arabs as traitors, you like nothing yourself.


  3. Mustapha, In English the word "hate" is very strong, and very negative ...I know in Arabic it is used more casually, but try to not use it when you are in an English speaking country, on on your blog.

  4. To Fares:
    Don't think that my english is too bad to understand what you are writing. Believe me iam understanding every word you write. maybe i don't have an enough abilities to write in enghlish , however, i really understand your texts very well. you think taht only ytou whao are living (I don't know where) can write and tell stories in enghlish. please , don't be full of yourself to that degree. Iam not living in syria but i love it. you talked about minority who is ruling the majority . If you love syria and defend it as you talk expell this idea from your mind. it is an invetation to sectarian violence which no body can expect its end.

  5. Mustapha,

    Loving Syria and defending its interests does not mean giving the regime carte blanche to everything they do. The regime are people like us and their policies are not like the Quoran or the Bible.

    People in Syria are allowed to have different opinions just like they do in Europe, Us or Canada. I don't advocate sectarianism if you read my posts carefully...

    It is not about understanding everyword of english, it is about understanding the purpose of my messages. No I am not a baathist like you and I don't want to be because baathism was hijacked by group of thugs, and it is a facist system.

    I repeat we don't have to like each other or agree on everything but you can't sell cheap propaganda like your post.

    And you are attacking France on top of that, which is the only country capable of helping the arabs, forget Iran and forget Russia, France policies the last few years have been in our favor, now only if baby Bashar knew how to benefit from that instead of playing a stubborn kid policy that is helping the destruction of the region.

  6. Iam not a baathist and i told you taht iam not living in syria . you talk about france, it is a colonuila poweer and any talk away from this fact will be rumbling.It wants to return to the middle east to redivide it as it did in the 20's of 20 century. neither it will succeed nor we will give it the opportunity .
    Be;ieve me Iam not living in Syria

  7. France is still much better than the US, arabs need allies, useful ones

    anyway enjoy reading these articles and be objective

    Israeli Arrogance and Bush latest Trick

    Breaking the cycle of violence

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