Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Will fail as soon as soon as no body can expect

Will fail as soon as no body can expect
Thursday, July 20, 2006      

They are trying to assassinate Hassan Nasrallah. Some Arabs will be happy if they succeed; however, others will revolute on their rulers. Every one in this poor Middle East can see how some newspapers and TV stations are happy to what happened in Lebanon. They try to advice that the right is not with the resistance and it should accept what they ask it for. Al-Arabia which is broadcasting from Dubai can be compared to Fox news. The Fox is supporting the American occupation of Iraq while Al-Arabia is supporting the Israeli war on Lebanon. We all still remember how this channel support what it is called the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon. That revolution was having a one main goal; Disarming Hezbollah. This goal was hidden. The appeared on was expelling Syrian troops from Lebanon. The hidden goal is appearing now. The same channel which supported the Cedar Revolution is supporting its second chapter which is executed by Israel and which will fail as soon as no body can expect.