Monday, 17 July 2006

We must condemn them

We must condemn them
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We must condemn Saudi Arabia because it used to attack the resistance groups which escaped from its intelligence control. Saudi had supported Yasser Arafat through three decades. It planed for him and advised him; however, he didn't get any thing from its support except billions of dollars which used for gambling in Monte Carol. Now and after it thought it had controlled Lebanon. Something has happened and destroyed all its planes. Now Saudi Arabia is waiting the Hezbollah's defeat. It will be the happiest regime in the region which will declare its happiness. Saudi Arabia has an internal problem. Its regime has been built on a extreme view of the other. The other here is the Shiite. Saudi Arabia has a large immunity of Shiite who is living in the eastern side of its territory. The problem is that their regions are the richest regions in all Arabic peninsulas.  About 90% of total Saudi Arabia oil production is produced from Shiite's region. A lot of confident sources have told that if there are any planes to divide the Saudi Arabia and give a small territory for Alsouod, they will prefer to rule the western side which will give any of its rulers a power of money. It is a very complex issue . we can say one fact that all the media in this poor middle east is under petrodollar power which is  doing all things to guarantee it continuous ruling for the middle east.  


  1. Did Syria support Yasser Arafat?. I don't remember him visting once before 2000. Is the Syrian media funded by Saudi? why don't they modernize and become credible to compete withthe Saudi media? we don't have smart people or we dont want to become uptodate?