Monday, 31 July 2006

A Massacre in Lebanon

I don't need comments on these pictures. I only need you to tell me if you see such a thing before. It is happened somewhere in this planet. It is really happened in Lebanon by Israeli army and American Weapons.


  1. Yes Mustafa, I did see such pictures before already ... too many of them!! Mainly of bombing-victims in Gaza and other places in Palestine - in other words, we talk about the same killer. It makes me sick, SO SICK ... and what I saw and read yesterday about Qana simply tore my soul to pieces. These children had no chance to even really START LIFE ... what a horror, what a tragedy!! MY heart goes out to the families, the relatives, the survivors ... how can they live on? Where will they take the strength after this nightmare?? All I can say is that I stand in solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinian people!!