Thursday, 22 June 2006

They will destroy themselves

After reading these lines some will accuse me that Iam an extremist. May be if defending the right has been an extreme action. Those who we are seening them in Hungary demonstrating aginst Bush and US policy can be accused  also ;However, it is not easy to say this. America is a terrorist country-this term is new we can say Radical country- uses all legal and illegal intruments to save its interests.OK that is well understood but the thing which is very strange is that it is fighting against all those who say NO.some will attack US in the coming future  it is still using this policy.Osama Bin Laden will die today or tommorow but those who are harmed from the American policy will remmeber even after decades that their lives were destroyed By AMERICA.


  1. Fellow readers, I just posted my 2 cents on relations of Syrian regime with Lebanon, and how is it related to the arrests!

    When is the right time? Time to expose Syrian Regime lies!!!

    Please make sure to comment on it, I promise I won't report you to anyone haha

    Freedom for Michel Kilo