Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Iraq has transformed to a super power country!!! HA...HA...HA

Iraq has transformed to a super power country!!!
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Between all these damages and blood smells, voices are sparkled describe what is happening as a transformation period to a super country. There are a lot of strange things are going on in Iraq. One of these is preparing a law by one of Iraqi's parties to describe Hamas as a terrorist organization. Through my experience, I has learnt that that the only super power countries form these kind of laws and put sanctions on selective organizations and countries who their policies are against their interests and its policies. Iraq now tries to put himself between these super power countries but the thing that the Iraqi's must know that the only green zone which is saved by American troops is safe and any pull out of these troops will push all its allies and parties who came with it to escape as happened in south Vietnam in early 1970's.


  1. All I can say is that I do feel deeply with the Iraqi people! They went without having been asked from one disaster into a much bigger one ... now the country is in ruins, Iraqis fight Iraqis .. and the occupational forces are everyhwhere dictating what has to happen and how Iraq has to be governed! SUPERPOWER ... that's ridiculous! The Iraqi government is an offspring of George W. and has to do and even think what he and "Miss Rice" (and a few more) order!

    The ONLY THING which would bring a solution - but as well not within a day or two - would be if ALL foreign forces would leave and Iraq would belong again to the Iraqi people - the ONLY righful inhabitants of the country, with THEM to govern it the way THEY decide!