Saturday, 13 May 2006

The secret government of the world

The secret government of the world
Saturday, May 13, 2006

What is the reason of these conflicts in the world? Some says that there is a secret government for the world. They say that this government controls every thing in this entire world from scandals to world wars. Can we believe that? Who refuse this theory say that It is a shadow of conspiracy theory which controls a lot of segments.
What is going on in the world is confused. The conclusion is that we don't understand a lot of important things. There are a lot of books talked about the secret government. One of these books is The Secret World Government or the Hidden Hand: The Unrevealed in History .Here is a review by for this book:
The Book Tree publishing company is not lying when they advertise Count Cherep's _The Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand": The Unrevealed in History_ as "a radical, almost never ending rant from beginning to end" and warning that "whatever truth does exist in the book must be carefully extracted." The first paragraph calls Jews satanists, quotes from the Bible, talks of the destruction of the Aryan race, and says that the "Judeo-Mongol Hidden Hand" secretly controls the world. Maj.-Gen. Count Cherep-Spiridovich was a Russian military officer who moved to the United States following WWI. His _Secret World Government_ is a book originally published by the Anti-Bolshevist Publishing Association in New York City in 1925. Its main subject is that of the Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. Cherep bases his theories on the position that Christ declared the Jews murderers who do the work of their father the devil. The Jews are out to cause wars through their banking manipulations, and to cause the destruction of the Aryan race through bloodshed. Most of the book focuses on the period between the late 1700s with the rise of Meyer Amschel who fathered the Rothschild Jewish banking family, to the 1920s with the Russian Revolution, the Bolshevik regime in Russia and the communist liquidation of the Romanov family. _The Secret World Government_ concentrates on the Rothschild family and how they branched into all corners of Europe in the 19th century. They supported leaders who would start wars, such as Napoleon, Disraeli, Bismark, and the Confederates. The Rothschilds used Napoleon Bonaparte to weaken Britain, but then turned against Napoleon when it seemed that he became too friendly toward the Catholic Church (Cherep is a Catholic and theorizes that the reason Christendom is broken off into so many factions is the machinations of the Jews). Disraeli was Jewish, of course (but baptized a Christian), and he got England in a war with Russia. Otto von Bismark is thought by Cherep to be secretly Jewish. Much of Cherep's time is spent eulogizing the Czars of Russia, who were victims of Jewish plots against the Christian monarchies of Europe. They are especially praised for their intervention in saving the Union during the civil war, when the Jews sent French and Austrian troops into Mexico to possibly help the South destroy the United States. The brain of the Confederacy was its Jewish secretary of war, Judah P. Benjamin. The Czar sent his navy to the aid of Lincoln in case Britain and France should intervene militarily on the side of the Confederacy. This fact, as Cherep notes, is little mentioned in history. He even warns the US of an impending Japanese assault and of a planned second World War. The book suffers from being its extremely poor organization (which Cherep apologizes for) and being set in a difficult typeface. All in all, The Secret World Government is a droll read for conspiracy theorists or if you like bizarre, radical, rants and raves.


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