Sunday, 21 May 2006

My legend

My legend
By Mustafa Hamido
May 21, 2006

It is Syria which I love, which I hate, which I mate
It is my live when it migrates
It is heart when it separates
It is my right when it is stolen
I can't tell how much I love
It is only a legend of one who loves and suddenly finds himself alone

My language might have a lot of errors; however, I wrote what I felt.


  1. It is important that you wrote what you feel - don't worry at all about any grammar mistake or so ... what IS important, that it comes straight from your soul! I found your blog through Ghalia's and find it very interesting! I am German, Christian and since a longer time very interested in the TRUE Islam - NOT the zillions of false interpretations which only harmed it's name worldwide! Sara helped me a lot to understand more and more and I can not thank her enough for having answered my countless questions! It is very sad to me to see around here how people - once they hear someone is Muslim - are instantly sceptic, suspicious and even afraid - Islam does NOT deserve that! I love Islam a lot ... in my eyes it is a very warm, utterly honest and family-oriented religion, something I tremendously miss from Christianity. I cherish it's moral values which are more and more fading in the society I live in ... something which tremendously bothers and worries me!
    May I invite you to visit my blog and join the tour through Munich, my hometown? You're cordially invited!!

  2. I thank you fully about your comment and i appreciate all you has mentioned and said.

  3. You're very welcome! Rest assured it is the way I honestly think ... no fake or lie! It would be very nice if you'd come again to visit my blog ... you're always MOST WELCOME!!

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