Friday, 12 May 2006

It was not an invitation to hate

supertronrandom blog had invited me to contribute in writing . I wrote my first contribution under title "An action from Teharan". it was totally about what happens daily in the middle east. The eidtor had published my contribution which pushed me to write my second contribution. I wrote about the american policy in the world and how if america didn't respect others , it would face an action which might be an attack inside america. My words has not been publsihed and in the beginning i didn't know the reason. Today when i opened the blog , I was surprised due what i had red. They didn't mention my name ; however, every single word reffer to me when they are talking about hate and invitation to hate........In what i wrote , there were no sign for these thing .It was a kind of analysis of the American policy. Iam as muslim againt all kind of killing whatever was its source. This is a link to what I wrote and the reply from supertronrandom blog.