Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Islam and modernity

These photos has taken by my camera for Abu Dhabi central mosque. you can see the relation ship between islamic traditional architecture and the modern one. These photos give a good example of how islam can absorb all the new sicentifical Developments.


  1. The very truth? Eventhough these pictures do show modern architecture and with that the fact that Islam is most certainly able to absorb it - but I GREATLY prefere the most beautiful OLD Mosques! I saw many pictures of the great Ummayad Mosque in Damascus for example ... or al-Aqsa in Jerusalem ... I look at their awsome beauty in awe. I don't like the coolness and simplicity of shapes very much ... I definitely appreciate the old ones!
    I want to ask you something Mustafa .. please don't perceive that as offense - you are religous Muslim, right? How come then that you show the picture of a almost nude woman on your blog? You know, here in the West with its indeed (and sadly enough) rotten morals, this is something barely anybody would even notice ... but knowing your faith and where you live - I have somehow a problem to find a common denominator for that! Please don't feel upset or hurt ... I just want to be able to be honest to you!

  2. I really don't put the picture in my blog as a node women. I always put pictures according to its professionality . Eitor choice which it is a changable picture corner includes all kinds of pictures. in the photo which i put this weak , nude is not clear. I only search for beautiful picture whcih can tell somthing. previously i put picture forchilds, nature, portrait for old men ...etc i really didn't

  3. Thanks Mustafa, for relating to my hint and for NOT being upset! I am a very honest person and want to be able to voice my true opinion ..
    You know, there was this picture of this (more or less) nude woman .. right near the one of a mosque - it was a terrible discrepancy and it bothered me. Besides - I don't think it was any representative of the country you live in ... right?
    I do respect Islam HIGHLY ... and what the picture showed did not represent the wonderful values of Islam at all! I think ANY kind of nature motives or pictures of children are just GREAT ...
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog - that was very nice of you! I wrote a comment on yours ...
    Come again ... you're always MOST WELCOME!!

  4. thank yuo karin and i will make sure that all such photos will be excludedfrom my blog.

  5. I have to thank YOU - that's very nice of you to consider that!!