Sunday, 14 May 2006

I need a help

I need a help
Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some times, the idea of suicide invade me. I don't know really how I can escape from it. My life is a kind of boring and depression. Every thing in my life is from others made. I don't have an ability to decide what I really want. No body is ready to negotiate my Ideas and what I am thinking about. Lack of friend who can understand me might be my biggest problem. My sensitivity to what I hear or read or listen makes all my life in trouble. I need a help.


  1. I Don't think that u need my help...

  2. There was I time when I actually had a similar experience. But then I found a purpose to live and to die for. I'm not talking about a job or a painting or going to the Carribeans, I'm talking about a great purpose that you have to work all your life towards and at the same time, love every minute of it.

  3. First - I find it very courageous of you to share that .. that was GREAT - and your FIRST STEP to get a grip on and out of it! In psychology it is said that to recognize a problem is already 50% of the healing-process!
    I can understand very well what you're saying and feeling - I've been there, suffered those sensations, felt the utter confusion and hopelessness and thought several times, I don't have any strength anymore to live on - I just don't. This was usually a process which lasted from a few hours to a few days and I felt, my soul needed this time out, this rest to recover. Then - no idea where from - something inside me kind of jump-started again - like a car-engine which died and needs jumpstarting to start running again.
    Mustafa, give yourself the time, don't push yourself. Often things simply fall in place and we don't really understand how, they just do.
    I do believe in God, ONE God that is .. and am convinced that all of us, you, I and everbody else on this planet, came into life for a purpose .. nobody is here in vain. I like to compare it to a chain .. if one link is suddenly missing - it does significant harm! We are all links in this big chain ...
    I feel we have no right to take away the life God gave us but need to face it, tackle it and it's problems and learn to master it.
    There is sure something you like to do, you really enjoy ... go for it! Try to create a balance inside you so that in difficult times your soul has some "buffer-zone" - you can do it!
    If I can help you in any way, I'll be more than happy to! Should you want to write to me - you have my e-mail (on my blog-site)! Just feel free.