Tuesday, 16 May 2006

A view from me about

A view from me about
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A lot of sadness samples of Arabs and Muslims who live in the west forced me to write. In that night I didn't sleep. Something made me thinking in those people. They are a part of us; however, due to a lot circumstances decided to live there. The first and the most important problem which erupted after their decision is the future life of their children. Sara, an example of those who lived in the west and tried to live as western in its relations with boys and girls. She loved a non-Muslim and; however, she didn't mention if she establish a full relation with him. After September 11 she turned out to religious and she had been expelled from states due to its religion.  She wrote proudly about its relation there. I spent full night thinking in her. I was shocked about what I red. Thank for god she is in the Arab world now. Another well known example from me at least, a girl lives in an Arab country while her family is in States. According to her, she knew nothing about praying, fasting until she had lived in that country. Although its family Muslim's origin, that family was too far from Islam. She even didn't know Arabic well. Some people might accuse me that I am extremist and my view is too tight, Might be but I am as I am.


  1. Assalamu alaikum
    These days anyone who says the word 'Islam' is considered an extremist. I completely agree with you. The environment the people live in is very important and plays a huge role in the way people turn out.

    I live in the West (hopefully will be leaving to go back to the Arab world in about a year) and I have a Syrian neighbour who got married to a British convert. He recently got a baby and told me that he is planning to sell his house to go back to Syria because the West is no place to raise your children. However religious the parents are, the child could be easily effected from the environment if the whole society is...well how can I put it, filthy? Maybe that's too harsh...

    wassalamu alaikum

  2. Mustafa, I read your post very attentively and do NOT think at all, you're views are in any way extremistic! In particular since 9/11 - you are right - everyone who has the Muslim faith here in the West is suspicious, everyone is feared to be a terrorist or in any way extremistic. It does partially go so far even that house-owners do not want to rent flats to Muslims anymore out of fear. I find that scandalous - and TOTALLY ignorant! I am interested in Islam already for a long time and have a Qur'an which I partially read. I do find the REAL Islam to be a very warm, family-oriented, honest religion in which people LIVE their faith and do not only pretend ... like so often around here! Eventhough I am Christian, believe it or not - I did observe last Ramadan, every day, strictly without a flaw. I did it because I wanted to understand more - and it did help me. It was not at all as difficult as people generally think ... I worked as usual without a problem.
    About Sara ... you have to give her credit for having learned! Everyone makes mistakes .. that's why we are humans. She tought me a LOT about Islam and I owe her big time!
    As to Abdul Rahman Hilmi's last sentence of his comment ... in a way I agree to it eventhough I was born, grew up and do live in the West as well. There are barely any or no morals left and ethical values you can search for with a microscope. I utterly reject that, have my own package of values, moral and ethical ones - and am happy with it! I find it VERY important ... they are kind of a red line through one's life, kind of a guideline!