Wednesday, 31 May 2006

A group of thieves steals the world cup

A group of thieves steals the world cup
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If you want to watch the world cup you must pay almost 500 $. This is the new law in the Arab world which has been set by a group of princes allied with some of business men. This ally is targeting the poor people which are more than 80 % of the total population in the Arab world. When you ask them how those will watch the world cup they told you clearly that who doesn't have money to pay he shouldn't watch. I don't know how FIFA has permitted to a group of thieves to control more than 400 million of Arabs. Most of those people will go to hotbird to watch the world cup. ZDF, RTL, ARD…….etc will broadcast the world cup for free.


  1. Thank u Mustafa...
    For more information:

    1- Kanal 1 (Turkish Channel):

    القمر : Turksat = 42 E
    التردد : 12008
    الاستقطاب : أفقي
    سرعة الرمز : 4400

    2 - TV 8 Channel:
    ستقوم بنقل مباريات الفرق التالية :
    ايطاليا - البرازيل - المانيا - هولندا - اسبانيا - المكسيك - البراغواي - كرواتيا .....
    القمر : Turksat = 42 E
    التردد : 11829
    الاستقطاب : رأسي
    سرعة الرمز : 6665

    3 - Star & NTV channels will play the finial match:
    STAR :
    القمر : Turksat = 42 E
    التردد : 11794
    الاستقطاب : أفقي
    سرعة الرمز : 5631
    NTV :
    القمر : Turksat = 42 E
    التردد : 11891
    الاستقطاب : أفقي
    سرعة الرمز : 12800

    I also have the Full Schedule for the games, and what channels will play them...
    it's a Word file...
    so if u wanted or anyone, just send me an email:


  2. They REALLY let people pay $500 for seeing the world cup??? That is scandalous ..
    I had no idea about that! ARD (1st German program), ZDF (2nd German program)and RTL do broadcast it - that's at least what I heard! I am really sorry about that - it is an awful thing they did!!
    I'll try to go to ALLIANZ-ARENA during at least ONE game - I can't get in of course! Tickets are MOST difficult to get - and HORRIDLY expensive!! Maybe I will be able to catch at least the atmosphere around though ...

  3. قاطعوا الإي أر تي وان شالله يخسروا المصاري اللي احتكروا فيها النقل يا حق!!

  4. Dear Karin,
    thank u for your comment. They are thieves and they are stealing us

  5. Mustafa - I can't argue with you ... you are totally right! Sport, especially a world-cup, should be accessable for EVERYBODY - and NOT only for the upper 10,000! Who can affort $500 for only to look the games?? I couldn't and together with me, MOST peopole here would find themselves unable to! It is VERY unfair .. and the responsibles should get to hear that!