Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Obama as America going to be a player between players

Obama as America going to be a player between players

It seems that Middle East will not calm down soon. After the election of Obama as a president of USA, a lot were optimistic that he is going to change The American Policy and transfer its military face to another peaceful one.
I was one of those who have believed that he is not more than a marketing face for the American Policy after the old face has expired.
The same climate still exists in the Middle East. Nothing has been changed since Bush Left the White House. We didn’t notice any change. The same Policy with different words is being applied.
The Financial Crisis in USA may be affect on its empire dream . With a yearly decline in its economy and its effects on all economical sectors in USA, It has found itself obligated to calm down. It is not a president policy, It is just a way to recover. I doubt That America could recover itself and restore its position in the world as it was before the Financial Crisis. Those who are comparing between that crisis which hit USA in 1929 and the current one are far from the truth . Europe was in that era trying to heal its wounds after a bloody world war I . There was no competitor for USA, which was self –Isolated. America gets a benefit from the bloody clashes in Europe during the 19th and 20th Century to be a super power and later the only super power in the world. It has used all its sources to be like that. It has not only used its sources, but it has used others sources either by military threat or by a colonial influence. All these are disappearing by an emerging of a new real economical and armed power like China which its soft power is spreading all over the world.


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