Saturday, 16 September 2006

Two main dangerous on Syria


Syria is facing two main dangerous. The first one is the Islamic terrorism which in the past was the Al-Ikhwan and now adays is  "Jundul Sham" and the second one is the Kurds Separtatists which are waiting the weakness of syrian centeral government to achieve their plans. I expect that The Islamic terrorism will try to extract what happent in Iraq and transfer it to syria specially if we know that Syria has a lot of minorities who are considered in Their Wahbism syllibus as Kafirs.Those whor are trying to transfer the Iraqi's model are basinig on the fact that a lot of syrians have foolwed them in Iraq and after their return to syria they are ready to attack the secular government who they consider it as Unbelievers. Meanwhile , and after the weakness of the centeral authority and its bussiues with the Islamic threats, The kurdish Seperatists will try also to copy the Iraqi's Kurdish model by a kind of revolution against Arabs . This may happen specially if we know that America is fanning the kurds and spreading the terrorism in the middle east.

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