Saturday, 12 August 2006

Is it a defeat of the Israeli's troops?

Is it a defeat of the Israeli's troops?
Saturday, August 12, 2006

Middle East is boiling. Rulers are in their coalition with America and people are against it and its policy in this region. Look at the endlessness support from America to its Baby Israel. I still remember how my father was shouting when I harmed someone. America although its fatherly feelings toward Israel, it even doesn't talk fairly to Israel to stop its madness . This is a point of view in the Middle East, however, there is another one. It is a conspiration view and a lot of people really believe it. Look at the supplying of the "smart bombs" to Israel and you will know. The point of view says that America has planned and Israel executed. Yesterday Condy was in the security council laughing, however ,she was hiding the shame of the defeat of the American and Israeli's dream.


  1. Well, it's no secret and was publically stated that a "New Middle East" is welcome and supposed to evolve - starting of course with Lebanon! I don't suppose it worked the way the big guys thought of .. just like the Iraq war did not go as planned! Afghanistan neither ... by the way. You ask if Israeli troups are defeated? I think yes - and I am not the only one who thinks so, it is a view widely shared.
    Just hypothetically ... if they were NOT defeated militarily - they were SURE defeated morally and lost the war! Again ... I am NOT the only one to say that ...
    Israel is unable to self-critizise .. in their eyes always the others are the guilty ones. Would they execute what is since YEARS expected form them, respect the X-UN resolutions they always chose to ignore (since when are they above the law?? I must have missed something here ...) and stop behaving like the masters of the region (which they are NOT!) - things could look SOOO MUCH DIFFERENT! But that, I'm afraid, is a dream which will NOT come true ... at least not very soon!

  2. Israel was not so much defeated as never really tried to win. It is clear that the current Israeli government never wanted a war, went through the motions of following a long-planned strategy in a half-hearted manner, sent the ground forces in at least a week too late, and gave up as soon as they could.

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