Friday, 14 July 2006

The serious question now

The serious question now
Saturday, July 15, 2006

Let us talk frankly about Saudi Arabia? Is it surprised what it declared yesterday evening by a responsible source who condemned  Hezbollah and accused him that it is taking the region to an adventure? The logical answers is no. Who is monitoring the Saudi media during more than three years and especially in 2005 will not surprise of what it declared yesterday. Saudi is clearly using its media to support the American interests in the region and it used to incite on the anti-Israeli camp in the region. We must link the assassination of Rafiq Al-hariri and the accidents in Lebanon. What we can conclude from that assassination was a tool to Disarm Hezbollah and when it failed to do that, Israel and its allies in the region turn to use power to apply what it have planed. Another failure they will face through their current attack. The serious question now is what will be the destiny of the Saudi and Jordanian regime? We should wait to get the right answer instead of prediction.

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