Saturday, 22 July 2006

Israel and its new adventure

Israel and its new adventure
Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel is going to invade the southern Lebanon. It really doesn't know the way to finish this war. As its ally, US, it knows how to enter wars and doesn't know how to finish it. The only war which predicts its date and its end was the 1967 war. All other wars won it partially. In those wars it needed the UN and US help to end its adventures. Is this war a new succeeded adventure for Israel or it is a serious sign for its future defeat in the Middle East? We should wait and see the developments.


  1. I think Israel's biggest problem is, assuming they manage to destroy all the Hizbollah rocket launch sites, how do they prevent Iran from replacing them?

  2. i think that isreal can't destroy the rockets of Hizbollah but if it even could destroy some of them,they will be able to replace them by their own manefacturing skills. look to Gaza and the rockets of resistance groups who have succeeded in manefacturing their own rockets depending on their poor experience which is surely available for Hizbollah.

  3. I don't think they can destroy all of them in the first hand ... but the truth? I focus MUCH MORE on the humanitarian site of this disaster!!! I have friends who are stuck there .. together with their 5-year old son and 8-months old - daughter and am worried sick about them!!
    700.000 to 800.000 displaced people, new refugees, even only temporary - most lost everything!! The scope is mind-boggling ...

    I highly salute Syria for being the ONLY country which actively helps .. people open their homes to "adopt" a Lebanese family, they share whatever they have, it's a hand-on help - I find that is the way it SHOULD BE and Syria is certainly a GREAT example for others ... many of them should crawl in a dark hole and turn green from shame!!!


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