Tuesday, 6 June 2006

They want to divide Syria

A map for the Kurdish ambitions in Syrian land

They want to divide Syria
Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The opposition in syria wants to divide it .What happened in Iraq tells us clearly that their desire for ruling and the ways they use are leading to divide the country.There are already planes for what Iam talking about. At least- if we ignore other planes and ambitions-Kurdish opposition has clearified its goal , a federal ruling system in Syria.This is the forst step which will be followed by planes for federal ruling for Druze in Sweeda and Alawite in Latakia.


  1. Regardless of every thing that u said, i liked the map, this is the first time i c a specific map for Syria, this my my first time i know the bounds of each city...
    it was interesting...

  2. Now here I am lost ... I do not know enough about that - to be honest, I don't know ANYTHING about this issue! I will get myself smart (as much as possible at least) and get back to you!
    Thanks for addressing it though!!

  3. beautiful piece of stereotyping a more than 2000yrs old people, ethnicity... which had always been a part of the syrian diversity..

  4. it is a real that some people are working in this issue. Take a look to iraq and you will know that it is real. Kurds in iraq are semi-independent and their next project is syria which they think that it is weaker than Turkey or Iran

  5. it is no one interest to divide Syria. It does not have the wealth of Iraq. This map is so useful for the regime to hold on to power. There was no real issues with the Kurds in a long time in Syria, now the regime is playing the kurds card and on purpose ensuring that they are humilated and that they get no rights to make them enemies.

    All it has to do is give the Kurds their rights of citizenship and using their own language in their areas and they will be satisfied. There is no bloody history of kurds in Syria unlike Iraq or Turkey, and the regime in the past was allied to kurdish opposition in these countries...time for the regime to stop monopolizing the country and creating unnecessary issues

    for a better syria

  6. The Kurds do not want to divide Syria. Why would they care about Syria? What they want is to unite Kurdistan. Most of the boundaries in the Middle East are arbitrary, and the biggest mistake when they were being drawn after WW I was not marking out a Kurdish state.


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