Sunday, 18 June 2006

Its popularity is going to be solved

Sunday, June 18, 2006
Its popularity is going to be solved

It is fact that FiFa has become one of the largest multinational companies on the earth. All disadvantages of these companies you can see it in FiFa. Football which is an entertainment of poor became an elite game. Football has built its base on poor love .This love is going to disappear by years due to money interfering in its affairs. After 1998 world cup in France someone suggested to have time outs in matches as happening in basket ball or handball. That suggestion was not for the good of the game; however, it was to promote for the companies who used the game to sell its products.It is a big game but what is important is that Football love and its popularity is going to be solved.


  1. This way or the other it is not right that soccer players do earn MILLIONS .... if they play well or not! It has nothing to do with price-performance ratio and even if - it is WAY out of proportion! People who do hard work earn barely what they need to feed the family and even many academics are not necessarily blessed with a fortune ... but players, who are served and pampered from "A" to "Z" get the money thrown after - the ONLY have to will the game! I love soccer ... but that is WRONG!!

  2. i thank you deeply for your continious participation in comments

  3. Most welcome Mustafa - it's a pleasure to do that!

  4. well, mustafa..its really nice to c that ppl like u think something different..something inside about everything..

    chk my blog
    and do post ur comments n suggestions...


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