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Syrian economy and fields of Wheat

Syrian economy and fields of Wheat

After gaining season ,fields turns out to yellow colour. It is a preparatory step for another season where farmers prepare themslves to another hopefullness waiting. In syria, May and June are the gaining months for wheat fields which considered as strategical season for all the country. Syria has millions of acres of wheat and every one in syria wait the gaining season to decide his future. Whenever the season was good , you can see an improvment in markets' buying and selling.Syrian economy was and still an agricultural based economy.Agricluture is a sign for its healthy economy or its illness.


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  2. Sorry - I deleted my OWN post because it didn't show ... there was constantly a "0" instead of a "1"! Here it is again ..

    Do you by chance mean RAINING season? I think so ... and with that you are definitely right!
    Good agriculture is sure an important asset of any healthy economy! How long does raining season take in Syria? I envy you and your country for these gigantic fields ... they are fantastic!!

  3. i meant harvesting season which comes after 5 months of raining season. Raining season in syria is not continious as in Europe. It may stops for weaks and after that you may sea rain as you never see before. The photos which i submitted in this post had been taken by me and it is for our fields which visit it once a year. Iam not a farmer but i with my family have about 30 acres of fileds which are interesting

  4. WOW ... 30 acres, that's a LOT!! What do you grow there? Wheat? I REALLY like that a LOT!!
    As a matter of fact - raining-season here in Europe is not continuous either ... it is off and on - starting after winter, thus after snow and continuing till you can almost say November. During the last years though the climate here (like worldwide ... England has a terrible drought this year for instance) went crazy - the summers are HOT, much hotter than during my childhood when we knew four seasons - now we have two left over: winter and summer!
    The winters though have, like last one, such IMMENSE amounts of snow like I NEVER saw in my life around here! Even the entire public transportation systen (subways, street-trains, cars, cabs, busses - NOT underground though!) crashed due to the snow-diseaster ... that happened once or twice during the last two winters and all the people got stranded ... like I! We took it easy though - there was anyway nothing we could do - so why get excited?
    Who does all the field-work? Your family? You say you visit your fields once a year ... aren't they close to you? I envy you for that ... I LOVE nature and watch her fruits grow!

  5. All are wheat fileds. there are some exceptions. we have some acres pf olive trees and others are for fruit.Don't be astonished of the nuber of acres. it is really thirty ; however, due to lacking of continious source of water- these fileds depend only on rain which in some years don't fall- a big problem faces us. We actually rent them for professional farmers who have enough experiences to deal with fileds. I only visit our fileds during summer. I love the olive fileds. It really fantastic. All our olive oil which we use in our house is from our fileds. I love them and i encourage my father to buy some other acres to grow our fields .

  6. I can well imagine it is a big problem to NOT having rain during some years... so what do these farmers do then? How far are the fields away from your home?
    I LOVE olive-oil as well ... extra vergine - right after the press!! it is fantastic and incredibly healthy! It's the only oil I use for salads and cooking alike. I envy you for having so easy acess to it ... I have to buy it here and try to figure out which one is the best - something which is not at all an easy task (it's NOT always the most expensive)! I would MUCH rather hold a bottle under the outlet of an oilpress .. and get the original which is undoubtedly the MOST EXQUISIT!! I enjoy very much you telling me all that ... it gives me a bit of an idea of your life and your country - thank you!!

  7. during rainlessness seasons, there is nothing valuable to do. These years are distaster to allt the country. at the beginning of each raininig season , syrians are used to praying asking god for rain. It is an inherited habbit and in our faith we consider it as an effecdtive tool. Syrian economy is mainly an agricultural economy and you can imagine how it is a serious problem if the rain doesn't fall.

  8. Oh yes, I can very well imagine that! I told you I do highly respect REAL Islam and with that as well a prayer for rain! I find it - on top - most important to preserve the old traditions and at least MANY habits ... just imagine how poor a society would be without them? I would definitely NOT consider abolishing them any progress - but a GIANT leap backwards!
    You are proud of your country, right? That's GREAT ... and very important!! I like very much to hear more about your country ... this way I will learn as well about customs and people - something I VERY MUCH cherish!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


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