Monday, 22 May 2006

Something I want to write about

Something I want to write about
Monday, May 22, 2006

I   tried to write; however, I found myself lost between lines. It is very difficult to write something you don't believe in. It is a kind of surrendering to a thief who wants to steal your think and your abilities. Policy is the most serious thing you can write about; however, if you decide to tell the truth your life will face its end. I always ask myself this question, who is controlling the world?? It is something difficult to answer it. I don't think that anybody has the full answer. It will continue as a mysterious issue. It seems that all conflicts in the world are connected, so we can conclude that there are an only one direction that rule the all entire world.


  1. You are right if you say, all the conflicts on this planet are in a way connected - it is the baseline, the common denominator which makes them similar. It is the circle of hatred, greed, jealousy, superiority-thinking, cruelty ... in short, ALL what WE HUMANS .. do to other humans - and that is as well what, sadly enough, is controlling the world! Only the moment we humans will wake up and understand that we do sit in ONE BOAT and have to learn to navigate it TOGETHER - things will change to the better, not before! I'm afraid this will still be a LONG way from here ...
    Is that what you had in mind?

  2. some people may accuse me that iam a fan of conspiracy theory. Iam not but what i see in the world push me me to its side.

  3. If someone thinks so, he/she has a vivid fantasy! No, I don't think so at all - on top, conspiracies are NEVER good and only lead to even worse situations! I feel each and everyone needs to start doing his or her part ... as long as we only rely on others and say "they will thake care of it", nothing will happen. It is much more difficult to start getting rid of bad habits and, like I wrote in my profile, start treating others the way oneself wants to be treated but if we won't start to get ourselves on the right track FIRST - nothing will .. and CAN happen to make this world a better place! In essence it is only us humans who prevent that ... stupid us!!

  4. Mustafa, I added a LONG comment to one of your previous posts .. "I need a help"! You may want to read it ...


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