Sunday, 28 May 2006

Media dysfunction

Media dysfunction
Sunday, May 28, 2006

In Syria, there are two internal channels and one separate satellite one. Despite there are those two channels, we can't consider them as a complete channels. In fact they are integrating, in other mean, the first channel broadcast from 12 to 12 while the second channel dedicated for the western programs besides its broadcasting of educational programs. It is clear enough for every body that there are a history of failure and dysfunction in media responding for the internal needs. No enough sports and no enough talks show except those who are dedicated for defending the government. In other means there is no other opinion in these shows. One of the most important problems in Syrian media is the lacking of professionalism which any one can notice it when he compares Syrian TV programs with other channels.


  1. It lacks many things as well as the things u said.
    It got even worse when satellite channels became popular.. It showed the dullness and weakness of the two syrian channels. The WORST is that the syrian Broadcasters try to speak in the lebanease accent. this sucks man..

  2. well you know, I think nobody's perfect and I am sure, your broadcasting companies are aware of the problems and probably working on solving the trouble! I don't understand the comment of "angry ookami" saying that it got even worse when the satellite channels became popular ... why? How can it get worse that?
    What exactly is so bad on the two channels you mention?

  3. the syrian channels are really weak. the problem is that there are no touchable planes for its improvment. All what they told us(information minister and who are responisble about media i syria) that we will and we are going ....of these meanlessness talk.

  4. Ohhhhhhh, I DO KNOW this talk from here ... only TOO WELL! I believe though that the responsible ministers in Syria as well as your president, who is young and very open to progress, know that and seriously try this way or the other to improve it!
    This "we will" and "we must" is international - do NOT think this happens only in Syria!!

    On a personal note: I realize that this man who commented here before I came, stopped pretty much the day I started - was there any apparent reason I might have missed? I don't think I did or said anything to repel him ...

  5. dear karin,
    We are only focusing on issues that need an improvment. We all love our home and want it to be the best. Maybe the most serious problem that facing syria is Routing which is invading all the govenmental departmants and TV is one of them.

  6. I know you are! I am sure you want your country which is as well your home, to be the best - that is GREAT and very admirable!! I like if someone talks this way about his home/country ... it sure does sound nicer that to all the time only complain - the way many do!!
    I am not quite sure what you mean by "routing" ... can you please elaborate on that? I'd like to understand!

  7. i meant routine which is a serious problem in a lot of countries

  8. That's right! Breaking out of a certain routine is always difficult and requires a lot of determination - but I am sure, your country will do just fine - it certainly is only a matter of time!
    I liked very much what you said previously .. that you all like your home and want it to be the best! That's beautiful!!


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